Do You Still Beat Your Wife?

Zippy May 26 2007

Howdy Pardner, still think we’re doing the right thing?

Congratulations on purchasing The War. Your credit card has been charged for $2 trillion dollars (US) as you authorized. Sorry, no returns or refunds on perishables.

Definition: “Insanity” – repetition of the same actions over and over again, while expecting something new to come of it.

Let’s stop for a minute. If you ever made a mistake in your life, would you throw out all the tools you had to find and fix the problem?

As a nation we’re looking at Iraq in terms of whether it makes us look good or it makes us look bad.

Like a cheap drunk in the final stages of divorce, we only agree to that which seems to justify our position, and we deny anything that suggests we could have done it at all differently. The net result is that even our best friends find it impossible to discuss it with us. “Loyal” friends (both of them) praise our integrity for staying the course, which in this case consists of beating our wife. Enemies and cheap treasonous vipers (everybody else) stubbornly refuse to see beyond alleged wife-beating issues to our many finer qualities and – egad my good man! – overlooked states of rightness.

Let’s shift the focus back to what’s happening, not what others think about it. We need to start looking at Iraq in terms of what it’s doing to the people there. We stopped worrying about what’s best for the Iraqi people after the first or second week of the war.

Ordinary people who just want to stay out of harm’s way and provide for their families are getting murdered, mostly by partisan extremists among their fellow countrymen. These folks don’t really care whether we think we’re doing the right thing or not. They just want us to stop doing it.

In the Zippy cartoon above, Toad is saying, “Um .. yee hah … we’re here to … to foster DEMOCRACY, and … uh … train th’ Sunnis, I mean, th’ Shiites …”

Come on, quick, which is it? You have five seconds. Fact is, many of our friends and neighbors couldn’t be pressed to do a better job than Toad, even if they were riding in the popular TV quiz show Cash Cab. Yet they want to keep on doing it, whatever it is. How long before we all admit we don’t know what the hell we’re doing over there?

We should be working with our existing allies, and forging new alliances in the MidEast, to figure out who’s going to help shepherd Iraq back on a path to stability when we get out.

It’s time for America to dry out, George. The world doesn’t want to hear any more excuses. It used to look to us for results. Now it just wants them.

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