Gonzales Warns Federal Judges

Federal courts are our first and last line of defense against the excesses of a politically charged US Attorney General’s office. Small wonder this Administration appointee would like to emasculate the thin blue line:

(Excerpted from SFGate.com, citing article by Jennifer A. Dlouhy, Hearst Newspapers):

(01-18) 04:00 PST Washington — Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Wednesday warned federal judges not to meddle in cases involving national security, following a string of judicial rebukes of the Bush administration’s anti-terrorism initiatives.

In a speech to the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute, Gonzales said federal judges are not “equipped to make decisions about” actions the president takes in the name of preserving national security …

Gonzales added that the judiciary should show deference to the executive branch when national security is involved, because, unlike the Bush administration, judges “don’t have embassies around the world gathering up information.”

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