Mideast Geography Lesson

Mideast_Geography.jpg MAP ... To cheat, click image for larger file.

How well do you know your mideast geography?

Do go to RethinkingSchools Online, take the test, and find out!

I got this after many second and third tries. I WAS embarrassed that Afghanistan was one of my last right choices, way over to the east of where I thought it would be.

Here, I have defocused the scaled-down image a bit so it’s hard to cheat. If you run out of time or patience, click the image to see the full-size image with answers.

I knew there was a Gulf of Bahrain (Gulf of Persia) somewhere, but had to Google it to see where Bahrain fit, it was so tiny.

Notice that all the country names ending in –istan are grouped together.

I felt a little silly because I think I had seen and done this at some point before, and learned nothing.

My real question  after finishing: how many of you print out the finished map for future reference? The next time a country goes to hell in a handbasket, I, at least, will be able to point to where on the map that country really is.

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