Happy 4th of July

US_Flag_color.gifOnce again, our glorious blue orb completes its annual circuit around the sun. For us, it’s the 230th such circuit since the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

For Americans, it’s a time for barbecues, fireworks, family outings to the park or get-togethers in the back yard. It’s a time to ooh and ahh at the spectacular pyrotechnics displays. In between bites of the hot dogs, we remember that the fireworks recall the turning points in US military history when we won the critical battles on the road to freedom and independence.

For our allies in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and the Indian subcontinent, it’s a time for head-scratching and disbelief: where are these blokers headed, and why don’t they tell us what they’re doing? As for the other continents and regions, it might be presumptuous to invoke the term “allies”.

Exactly where in US military (and political) history are we today, and how is that securing our freedom and independence?

Abroad, the US sports a new cloak of unilateral disregard for our allies, neither consulting nor cooperating – hardly an optimally desirable situation if you like winning.

In the Middle East, the situation is SO bad that it is much like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of the past fifty years. It no longer matters who is “right”, in the sense that being “right” might yet hold promise for improving the odds of succeeding, or desiring to. Failed and stagnating ideologies have produced a conflict in which the only certainty is that thousands of good lives on both sides will continue be destroyed each year, blindly and randomly, in unshakable attempts to cow militants and hawks by destroying civilian infrastructures and support bases.

At home our media, which has itself become a subject to government scrutiny for treasonous exercise of freedom of speech, brings us further news of our progress toward freedom and independence.

  • increasing US military doubts about a military solution to Iraq
  • secrecy and dispatch” in bringing detainees to “justice” by defining them as “illegal combatants” instead of “prisoners of war”
  • complete abrogation of the 1951 Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the time-honored codification of procedures for US military courts martial have been taken from the military via the “New Paradigm”.
  • global warming – no matter what you think about it, both the topic and the climate are still getting hotter
  • Signing Statements” whereby the White House, instead of vetoing a bill or amending the law, simply ignores it by declaring itself exempt from arbitrary portions of the law. Think “I am the state” (Louis XVI).

Gee, we would go on and on, but that hot dog is getting cold. We called up Uncle Tubbs (a venerated Summitlake.com holiday tradition) to see what he thought of all this. His reply:

“Boy, I ain’t even gonna talk about it THIS year.”

Enjoy that spicy polish dog. Have a sip of root beer. Take the long view: it has to look like we’re in a crisis before we get ourselves out of situations that look like a crisis. We’ll prevail. Our critics tell us that “if you have doubts, keep an open mind”.

Remember that our critics have no doubts and won’t keep an open mind. All we have to remember to do is tune out the rhetoric on both sides, go back to basic principles, and say very loudly that we don’t think that actions which curtail liberty and freedom are consistent with a country that values liberty and freedom above all, even above our own or anybody else’s personal opinions.

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