Flag Amendment – Here We Go Again

Like poison oak and Montezuma’s Revenge, there are some things that just won’t go away. According to the American Civil Liberties Union:

With several Senators absent due to presidential campaigns, sickness or the aftermath of Hurricane Frances, the Republican Senate leadership is planning to slip in a vote on the flag desecration amendment¬† – a measure that would not otherwise pass. But due to these absences, this proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution — which has already passed in the House — has a real chance of passing in the Senate…

The flag desecration amendment would alter the First Amendment for the first time. Civil libertarians, coalitions of veterans, religious leaders and other Americans have been vocally opposing this un-American initiative for many years, but its supporters have been waiting for a moment like this to slip it through…

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Following is my own response to my congressional representatives:

Dianne Feinstein (D-CA )
Barbara Boxer (D-CA )
As your constituent, I urge you to oppose HJ Res. 4/SJ Res. 4, a constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the flag. This legislation would undermine the very principles for which the American flag stands. Let’s leave fundamentalist Islamic laws and attitudes in the Middle East — and not start imitating them here.

As a US Army veteran, I served proudly in the fight for the freedom that this legislation would desecrate: if enacted into law, this amendment would accomplish the exact opposite of its stated purpose. Make no mistake, its sponsors intend exactly that chilling effect on freedom of speech.

Do not amend the First Amendment for the first time in history. Old Glory represents freedom. It is not the personal property or symbol of some particular clique, sect or viewpoint. Please oppose any effort to ban flag desecration.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this very important issue.

Most Sincerely,

Alex Forbes

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