Congratulations, America

U.S.S. Constitution

U.S.S. Constitution

Yesterday we elected Barack Obama as the 43rd president of our United States of America. It was an unprecedented election in many ways. The news is flooded with stories of excitement and hope all over the world.

As President-Elect Obama said to the nation last night in his acceptance speech, the road ahead will be long. We have a lot of work to do. We have had other presidents who took office in the middle of perilous times. Perhaps those special challenges galvanized them and the nation to decisive action; they and the nation were victorious.

Now we have the opportunity to do it again. Without the pointless exercise of deprecating the leaders, policies and infrastructures of the past, for which we as a nation voted, let us all instead hope we will build on all of the lessons of the past.  Let’s build bipartisan leadership and accountability, all the better to forge and weld policies and infrastructures to will lead us in safety, security and prosperity into the coming decades.

If you voted for Senator John McCain, take heart from his moving and inspirational concession speech. Business people, blame not the outgoing administration or opposition party for the current financial and economic meltdown. Our public and private financial infrastructure failed us all. We need your creative know-how brought to focus on the problems of early-warning detection systems and corrective policies to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

If you voted for President-Elect Barack Obama, now he needs all our support in making it clear that the challenge ahead lies not in dismantling the past, but in Democrat and Republican working together. If you were President, exactly how would you rebuild strong banks, a system of financial checks and balances, a just and workable social and medical infrastructure, a healthy and respected defense system, and strong positive relations with our allies (and unsettled nations) around the world?

We cannot do it alone. We cannot do it by gut-instinct policy calls and imperious demands. We simply cannot go on with the obstructive business of fighting each other as we flirt with the possibility of settling down in a smog of mediocrity and indifference.

We have an unparalleled opportunity to become strong, compassionate and now, inclusive. That was the original concept of America, and we never entirely forgot it. Now, let’s work together and make the America of our youthful aspirations a reality.

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