Pledge declared Unconstitutional

Yes, I knew it was wrong back in 1954 when we were more or less forced to insert those two extraneous words. I recall that our teacher was uncomfortable with it, too. In my family, we were not brought up in the practice of any particular religion, so I would just mumble the words, or substitute an extra “indivisible” because who would notice?

I always thought it was a stupid sop to the few people who were trying to prove a point that there’s no room here for folks who don’t attend their particular church. Suffice it to say, the world is full of more evil and much bigger stupid sops – the kinds that kill and maim.

I know that this phrase has been cited as justification for any manner of bigoted schemes and cabals, but honestly, these have never flown because they have the Constitution to reckon with yet.

So of course it figures that this has to come to a head almost 50 years later precisely when we need our solons focused on controversies like the Mideast, Al Qaeda, the economy and oops, here you go, WorldCom. This will give the movers and shakers something comparatively meaningless to soapbox about, instead of getting back to work and generating negative spin.

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