Dawn of the New Year

Sunrise from ISS
Sunrise from International Space Station, NASA Image of the Day, Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011. NASA caption reads, “… astronaut Ron Garan used a high definition camera to film one of the sixteen sunrises astronauts see each day. This image shows the rising sun as the station flew along a path between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina.” Click image to view or download from NASA original post.

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Photography with Terrestrial Telescopes!

Trial and Error

We do have an Orion 127mm diameter StarMax up here in Castro Valley. This is a 5″ Cassegrain of the Maksutov design. It’s eminently light enough for portability, yet powerful enough to pose some special challenges.

It doesn’t get as much use as it should.

We’re gearing up for Mars in August. We have to start somewhere!
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Telescope Moon Photo!

Moon (thumbmail)Last night we finally got a good Moon photo with our Meade 8″ telescope! It took several tries, and we’re still getting the hang of it, but the best of last night’s efforts is posted in a PHOTOS gallery for your viewing pleasure. As always, a desktop-size version of our feature photos is available for download. Since there’s almost no color information in a color shot of the moon, we converted it to grayscale and posted the original 2240×1488 image in a reasonable download size.You’ve seen better moon shots from NASA and the big-time earth-based observatories, but this is a credible first-time amateur effort. We think it’s pretty awesome!

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