Houston Mega-Dome?

Discovery Mega-Builders: Houston Dome. Click image to explore features.

Discovery Mega-Builders: Houston Dome?

Tonight, the Discovery channel had an interesting “Mega-Builders” segment. You can also watch the segment on their web video.

Mega Engineering
Dome Over Houston

Houston is in peril. The country’s fourth most populous city faces heat, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Only a radical engineering solution will save the city: a massive dome, 1,500 feet high and a mile in diameter, would protect the city.

Despite understandable initial skepticism, the idea has some merit. Building on Buckminster Fuller’s established concepts for the geodesic dome, Discovery advances the idea that a dome over the financial district of Houston could save billions of dollars in hurricane damage, create climate control, minimize the extremes of Gulf weather and humidity, reduce heating and air conditioning costs, and generally reduce the stress of downtown existence.

The technology is not all there, but it’s close. Continue reading

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