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Please Note, we may update topical pages of interest, after initial posting, as new information or data becomes available to us. The daily MICA ephemeris for Mars June 15, 2003 through Feb 4, 2004 were added to the Mars 20030827 page on 8/4/2003.

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New Astronomy Department

– At this writing, we have a Meade LX-90 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope in our Phoenix getaway home. In Castro Valley, we have an apartment-size Orion 5″ Maksutov design. Both designs have folded optical paths for short tube lengths and easier toting. We have prime-focus camera extensions and T-rings for any Nikon camera body, and for the Sony DSC-S85 digital — though we haven’t used that one yet.

For photography, for now, we plan to use the digital cameras as “training wheels” for bright object night sky photo experiments. Digitals have the CCD sensitivity for larger planets, the Moon, and certain other short time exposure situations. We can see our digital results or errors right away in the camera LED’s. Later on, as we try deep sky photography on galaxies and nebula, we’ll try to move to more traditional 35mm film techniques.

Feature article listings appear in the Summitlake autolist menu to the left. We have postings for Mars and Moon observations, a short History article, and a little bit of fun stuff about our LX-90. We plan future articles on some of the accessories we’re learning to use for photography.

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