Exp & EP Tables

These pages produce cgi-generated custom tables for custom and easy astrophotography exposure calculations. There is also a table to help compute eyepiece power for a wide variety of telescopes.

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Brightness Calculator -> Custom Exposure Tables

This program builds custom results in the same style as our simpler canned Easy Exposures tables. It outputs the same kind of table. Required input is more detailed, but is not restricted to “canned objects”. It allows us to “roll our own” exposure tables.

One-Step Photo Exposure Tables – “canned” objects

 These tables are in the experimental stage. For the viewing objects listed, they will generally give calculated results that agree, within one stop, with the Appendix A measured value tables published in Astrophotography for the Amateur, 2d edition, by Michael A. Covington. For more detailed calculations, use our multiple-step Custom Exposures page.

Tables for Eyepiece Magnification

This calculation takes a few simple rules on eyepieces and telescope or system magnification, and outputs a table of magnification or “powers” for a given telescope or optical combination.

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