Cloudy Nights

Yes, it’s true that Cloudy Nights is the excellent website one goes to for reviews, opinion and exchanging ideas with friends who share the same excellent hobby (astronomy) you do …’Cloudy Nights’ is also an excellent description of the night sky November 8. I was all set for the total lunar eclipse this time, but the weather had other ideas.

As the moon would already be well into totality by the time of moonrise (5:21PM PST), I knew that if I could see the moon from the living room, I could photograph it from the living room. I set up indoors and aimed just over the horizon for that break in the clouds that never occurred.

As a consolation prize, I posted this photo on one of the Cloudy Nights forums with the following note:

“I too favor the Orion 127 Mak for limited space apartment living. As you can see here, even the balcony is crowded. I took the Mak off the equatorial mount and set it up INDOORS for the Nov 8 total lunar eclipse. It rained cats and dogs for the entire duration, and I never got even a short glimpse of the moon. The thinking was that if an opportunity presented itself, I could have opened the slider for a quick shot, without getting myself or the equipment wet. That’s a digital SLR mounted at prime focus, waiting for the shot that never came.”

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