More Moonacy

The afternoon and evening we enjoyed more the gift of clear, relatively settled air. We captured two more moon shots, thumbnailed and described below. Each image was stitched from two photographs for the full field of view. Photos were taken July 7, 2003 with the Nikon D-100 and the Meade 8″ LX-90 telescope. Shots were all ISO 1000 at 1/200 second. Images are savable as desktop pictures, as well!


Moon, daytime color 07-07-03

This daytime color photo of the moon was taken at 6PM. The moon appears through the telescope as if viewed through a blue haze or filter (Earth’s sunlit atmosphere), much as it appears in the sky here. You will see a surprising amount of detail on the Moon’s surface in the full-size image (to view or save, click the thumbnail to the left).Panorama Factory was able do do a better job of stitching the two halves of this picture. The splice line is vertical because we had to rotate images for Panorama Factory to know which was the “top” and “bottom” image. Left is top.

Moon 754PM 07-07-03

This photo was taken in twilight at 7:54 PM. I don’t think I remembered to convert to grayscale, because there is so little color information. Again, we found the detail better than previous nights’ efforts — and perhaps we are focusing the primary mirror a little better, too.I stitched this one by hand. You will have to work hard to find the seam. (To view or save, click the thumbnail to the left).

Alex 7-7-2003

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