Mars Hoax 2007

Mars Hoax chain letter received by Sky & Telescope Mag

We haven’t received our very own annual hoax letter yet, but the image above depicts one received by the staff of Sky and Telescope, as written up in Homepage News by editor Alan MacRobert.

But we’re confident we will receive one. We have our sources, you know. This year, instead of lamely pointing out – as we always do – that has busted this myth faithfully every year since it got started in the big opposition of 2003, we’re prepared to go the myth one better. Read MacRobert’s article for the scoop on the myth. Read on for our own escalation of the myth:

“That’s not the way we heard it. According to J. Robert Thalenheimer of the Rogue Objects Institute, headquartered in Neufauxville, Oceania, this will be the final year for tiny Mars before it meets its appointment with destiny in a watery grave. After an unfortunate tug-of-war with the mighty Oort Cloud, the diminuitive Red Planet will be deflected from its Moon orbit, shortly after its final opposition, and begin its death spiral to splashdown.

“On the morning of December 6, 2007, Mars will splash into the Atlantic Ocean, at a point about 25 nautical miles southeast of Bora Bora. The hissing of superheated steam will be heard for miles as it settles into the ocean trench, where in all probability it will sink into fathoms of primordial ooze. A small craft advisory will be issued, but Thalenheimer stressed there will be no cause for alarm. ‘Mars will, however, be missed for its spectacular opposition announcements’, he says.”

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