Summer Solstice

DSC_1844.jpg Potsam and Jetsam ... Click image for larger file.

This photo was taken June 20, 2006. I got around to posting it in Photos that August. It’s not that bad for a photo, and even though the light is interesting, it’s not the kind of photo I normally post to a gallery. I knew there was something special about it, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

I should have asked Astronomy Mag’s Bob Berman, author of the Strange Universe column.

“Ask friends what happens on June 21st, and they’ll get it right, mostly … longest day … sun highest up … sun moves through the sky along its most curving path … rises farthest to the left on the horizon and sets at its rightmost possible spot. Sunlight strikes places in rooms that get illuminated at no other time.”


As a working commuter, I was out of the house before sunrise on weekdays. On weekends, I would sleep in. The last piece of the puzzle: assuming this kitchen lighting is such a rare event, how did it happen I ever captured it at all? June 20th was a Tuesday in 2006. On Tuesdays, I used to rise at 445AM and telecommute from home.

Under the original 2006 title “Potsam and Jetsam”: “I happened to catch the very early morning sun, first breaking through the fog on the eastern hills, and went and got the camera. The sun’s rays, filtered through the tops of the fog bank, still had a pinkish-orange glow.” Photo June 20th, 6:25AM PDT.

Click here for the gallery page, a better “large” image. Maybe it’s not such a bad photo after all.

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