Orion Neighborhood

Orion Sketch based on Sky & Telescope plate.

I drew this sketch based on a plate in a Sky & Telescope book review. It is not much as sketches go, but it helps me learn the night sky without resorting to GoTo or RA & Dec setting circles.

The book, which I intend to order, was very favorable. As I recall, the review recommended it for beginning stargazers or even experienced amateur astronomers who want a fresh take on the nightly panorama. I’m sorry I don’t recall the month of the S&T review (it would be fall 2005, I think), but the book is:

Backyard Stargazer by Pat Price
(Beginners Guide) Quarry Books 1999
ISBM 1-59253-148-2 paperbound
Sky Publishing

A Google search shows the book available at Amazon, and Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird, to name a couple of sources. I ordered mine at Amazon ($13.99) as it’s time to stock up on some of the other books on my list too.

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