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This utility produces random passwords for casual, personal and light office use. Random Password is strict (rules follow modern office practice for PC and server passwords), but these passwords are not cryptographically secure. Use PGP or similar encryption schemes on data that really need maximum security.

The huge advantage of a random password is that, if someone is using an automated "pw cracker" that looks for recognizable patterns, the correct answer looks just like any other result. See samples below.

Generate passwords here of 6-26 characters, upper case or mixed upper and lower case. Select your "rules" below and submit. This page is not "secure" (not https), but no information about password requests is retained by the program. CLEAR BROWSER CACHE IF YOU ARE USING A PUBLIC COMPUTER.

Examples only :

  • WEAK: 6 characters (owK65u)
  • MODERATE: 8 characters (IJIfkUp2)
  • STRONG: 12-16 or better (vYDN3cY5UBFtjdKt)
  • SEE ALSO: MD5 Checksum Generator

Password Generator:

Random Password



  • New password must be at least 6 characters in length. Make these: 
  • New password will contain at least 1 alphabetic character.
  • New password will contain at least 1 numeric character.
  • New password will not contain 3 identical consecutive characters.
  • New password will contain only alphabetic and/or numeric characters
  • New password must be all upper case
  • New password may be mixed upper and lower case





Summitlake.com makes no claim as to the "true randomness" or security level of the passwords generated. This utility should produce passwords that are harder to crack than those that most of us make up and try to remember. We recommend copying and pasting the password result into a secure password keeper. Most fonts do not distinguish the number "zero" from upper case "Oh" very well. If you do not "like" a password, simply fetch another!

This program should only be used to generate one password per session; it may not produce blocks of truly random sequential bytes in repeated requests.

Summitlake.com assumes no liability or responsibility for use of this utility.

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