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by Edlock Hart


Molly Cule
Molly Cule had so much space
Between the atoms in her face
Her countenance could but express
A vacant stare, to her distress.

Any Confucion in this?
He who pun prolifically
Deserve to diabolically.

An earthshake shook me and my bed
But bothered me near not, instead
I realize the planetary planes
Announce our living earth is well,
And happy far as we can tell.

Heat Wave Rave
Air so still it wouldn't waft
A feather if it had one
Heat so hot by nina-clock
Today would be a bad one.

Noon arrived an hour late
To miss the mid-day sun
(Poetic licenses are great
They validate such fun).


Once when no one was around
I sensed a silence so profound
I searched, and finally I found
My self-unwinding watch unwound.

Isn't orange awful?
The only thing it looks good on is Halloween and oranges.

Monica L.
Could very well
Be called Sinderella.

Proclivity, predilection, & propensity, have the same  
prompus penchant as "penchant" for saying "tendency" loftily.

Edlock Hart


© Edlock Hart, in memoriam 2000


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