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by Edlock Hart


Insects are sometimes so badly misnamed
Whoever's responsible should be ashamed
For serving such nonsence to people to swallow.
(Random examples will heretofore follow)
            LADY  ?  BUGS
Half of the Ladybugs running around
Ought to object to a name so unsound
That if it were accurate there wouldn't be
A Ladybug left for an ayeball to see.
            DRAGON  ?  FLIES
Dragonflies, noted for terrible tales
(Like sewing up somebody's lips with their tails)
In truth, are so totally harmless to man
There isn't an insect who's harmlesser than.
        PRAYING  ?  MANTIS
Ask any bug if he'd recommend "praying"
As prefix to "mantis" in preference to "preying"
It seems circumstantial (unless we've been spoofed)
In naming the mantisses, somebody goofed.
        BUTTER  ?  FLIES
Whoever named butterflies butterflies ought
To go back to school until he's been taught
That butter's irrelevant everywhichway
And never's been known to have flown to this day.
Edlock Hart


© Edlock Hart, in memoriam 2000


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