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C.Bear's Fun Page

Things we like to do in our spare time ...


Vermont Teddy Bears: You see on the TV they're goin' commercial but they still make good Bears. Hey, is there any other kind of Bear?

Gund: Lots of us are Gund bears. But havin' a pedigree doesn't get you into our Bear Registry. You have to be voted in. Gund sure makes good Bears, though.

Steiff: Not sure any of us are Steiff, but maybe a Bear could get promoted. Classic, but pricey.

Our Kind of Music

Well, it's Teddy Bear Picnic, of course, what did you expect? You can play the MIDI song with the link if your browser supports it.

A Bear's Gallery

Bear Registry: This page shows all of us at once. I wouldn't say we Bears ever whine, but we've been asking for this for a long time, and there was always some excuse.  Too many Bears. Too much hand coding. Our secret: if you want Alex to tackle a big project, get him to turn it into a Scripting project. That always works.Now this is a "database" thingy too, but I guess that's OK because they can say more nice things about us. (Editor's note: you can search by location, origin, or manufacturer too. It's a real database, just for fun. Browse-only.) 

digital images by SFW PhotoWorks, Nikon scan, Kodak DC20 and Kodak DC260.

Bear of the Day:

The folks keep lists so they can keep track of who is going to be Bear Of The Day. There are a lot more of us than them. We get to have two Bears Of The Day in each location each day, so that we don't have to wait 60 days for a turn. I guess four Bears a day is too hard for them to keep track of. They even make the list in really big print, so's they can read it without their glasses. Bears don't have it so bad, after all.

Alex made a web page of the whole "spreadsheet", going back ALMOST to the beginning of time,so you can see who's going to be B.O.D. fot the next few months, but we don't try too hard to peek because that spoils the fun. Here's the list:

Bear of The Day

Alex's note: Each BOD list is generated with a Perl script, using pseudo-random picks.It is pasted into Excel and exported to HTML. The resulting sheet uses XML. It may not work on older browsers or all platforms.

There once was a bear cub named Huey
Who thought he might possibly be Dewey
And this he confided
But the fellers decided
That this cub most certainly was Louie.

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