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Spinach a l'Oignon


contributed by Ann Sharp.

This recipe caused my Grandmother Sharp to say "I've disliked spinach for ninety years . . . may I have another helping?" It's almost too simple to be a challenge to a serious cook, but guaranteed never-fail. I make it at Thanksgiving because my cousins request it every year (my mother, on the other hand, prefers buttered carrots with two tablespoons of some interesting liqueur -- citrus-based always goes over well -- added).



4 packages frozen chopped spinach
1 pint sour cream
1 envelope dry onion soup/dip mix
Your choice of garnish, as desired


Mix the dry onion soup mix into the sour cream to create California dip.

Heat the spinach. Turn it into a colander or strainer; press as much liquid out as possible. Combine the drained spinach and the sour cream mixture.

At this point, the spinach may be held, carried to a potluck and reheated just to serving temperature -- any more may curdle the sour cream, which will detract from the appearance though not the taste.


Low-fat sour cream is fine; I haven't tried this with non-fat, but it should probably work out well, since the onion flavor predominates. Half low-fat and half non-fat should certainly be workable.

In theory, there's no reason not to use some other flavor of soup or dip, but most other flavors aren't as robust as the onion.

Garnish can be anything you like; I've used slices of hard-cooked eggs; a handful of frozen corn, carrots, or mixed vegetables; croutons; cracker crumbs; or onion rings.


IF you have any left over -- I never have, but it's theoretically possible -- it makes an excellent omelet filling, and would probably be okay as an ingredient of spinach quiche.


Ann Sharp






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