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Sourdough Starter


The secrets of a good home-made sourdough begin with the starter.

Always save off enough of a good starter to create the yeast component for the next starter. Some families and bakeries have had the "same" starter in service for generations.



1 package dry or compressed yeast
2 cups warm water
2 1/2 cups white flour
1 tablespoon sugar
Square of cheese cloth
2 quart container


Pour warm water in a 2 quart container (crock, glass, or plastic, but never metal). Sprinkle in the yeast, stirring with a fork until dissolved. Beat in the flour and sugar with a wire whisk until smooth. Cover container with a square of cheese cloth, double thickness. Place in a warm, protected spot and leave until the sponge begins to bubble, rises, and falls back. This process will take about 8 to 10 hours.

Stir with a rubber spatula. Replace the cheese cloth and allow to bubble quietly about 2 days. The action depends upon the warmth of the weather and room. It is necessary to let the sponge "work" to attain thick texture and a fresh, sour aroma.

At the end of 2 days, stir again with a rubber spatula, label the jar, place a lid over the cheese cloth, and store in the refrigerator. The starter is now ready to use.

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