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Serves 6
Est. preparation time: not too long
Est. cooking time: mot too long
Recipe provided by Brer Fox, a friend of mine



one onion, chopped,
one green pepper, chopped,
3 stalks celery, chopped,
one can tomato paste,
one pound shrimp cooked, shelled
ground pepper to taste,
Crystal hot sauce, to taste, "it's really not too hot!"
rice, a cup cooked is really enough.



Put the "Holy Trinity," onion, pepper and celery in a deep frying pan that you have put some olive oil and water.

Cook the mess down, add the tomato paste and a can of water. Cook it down and then add the hot sauce to taste. Then add the cooked shrimp, pinkis a good color. While you are cooking the Creole, cook the rice. One cup of rice to two and a half cups of water with a little butter and salt. Cook it for about 20 minutes you know how you like your rice, wet or fluffy.

Put some rice on a plate and put the Creole over the rice, and put some more Crystal on it, to taste, and enjoy.

Fox writes: "Hope you like it, I have been making it for many a years, it is tried and true. We usually buy some fresh shrimp and clean them, but failing that, we buy all ready cooked shrimp, about a pound or a pound and a half will do."






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