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3 - 1 lb bread dough loaves
(1 pkg Bridgeford frozen dough used here)
1 - 1 lb mozzarella cheese ball (size of a large fist)
1 - 1 lb pepperoni, sliced garlic powder
oregano, fresh-dried
butter, margarine or egg whites


STROMBOLI is an irresistible stuffed pastry bread or roll of Italian origin. Its basic form is a seasoned stuffing rolled into multiple layers of bread.One could stuff with almost any cooked meat, vegetable and/or cheese and guarantee a hit. This pepperoni and mozzarella recipe is exquisitely delicious, not hard to make, and a great hit at parties. Ingredients in this recipe will serve 9 people, with 3 or 4 generous slices each.

If using frozen Bridgeford dough loaves, thaw in refrigerator overnight. Cut each dough loaf into three equal chunks on lightly floured board, and set aside. We are going to roll out each chunk, folding each into thirds, and sandwiching goodies inside as we go along. For EACH chunk,

Roll a chunk out into an evenly flat rectangle about 7" X 10". The finished chunk will be a little thicker than a pencil, about 1/4" or a little thicker. The exact size is uncritical but just smaller than an 8-1/2 X 11 sheet of paper is convenient. The edges of the rectangle will be quite rounded, and that is OK. Dust as lightly with flour as possible if the piece starts sticking badly to the rolling pin, breadboard or itself.

Position the rectangular piece on the breadboard with the long direction facing away from you, dusting with garlic powder, oregano and basil seasonings, and, on top of the "front" one-third, place two or three generous slices mozzarella. Leave at least 3/4" of the sides free of ingredients because these form the pastry edges you will pinch together last.

("Fresh-dried" oregano is meant to remind you that one may buy bulk oregano, in many produce sections, which is infinitely fresher than an off-the-shelf bottle of any brand-name stuff.)

Place four or five thin slices of pepperoni on the "front" one-third of your rectangle also, then fold this over on itself leaving the "rear" one-third of the rectangle free. Repeat the layering of mozzarella and pepperoni on top of the somewhat flat roll you have formed, and then roll this over again so there is no more "free" rectangle remaining. Now pinch the edges together so the cheese doesn't melt out when we bake the stuffed bread rolls. "Work" the edges and long seam a little by pinching and patting so they don't uncurl on their own.

When all the chunks have been rolled out, stuffed and pinched, baste the tops of each of the 9 strombolis with melted butter or egg whites. Bake on a large greased cookie sheet in preheated 375deg. oven 25-30 minutes until golden brown. The oven aroma from the oregano and goodies will advertise the fact you are making something extremely special. Remove to cool. Slice each with a sharp knife, as you would bread or other rolls, and serve warm or cool. Be prepared to share this recipe; you'll be asked!






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