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Johnny's Oil and Vinegar Dressing


my personal favorite salad dressing
Serves: 6
Est. preparation time: 5 min
Est. cooking time: 0 min
Recipe provided by: our household



1/3 cup vinegar
1/6 cup water
5/6 cup olive oil
1-1/2 slightly rounded tbsp Johnny's Garlic Spread


Bob invented this simple salad dressing. It's my personal favorite, and I never get tired of it. Use it wherever you would use an oil and vinegar dressing, such as on any tossed salad.

The key ingredient turns out to be Johnny's Caesar Salad garlic spread. It is available very reasonably at CostCo in an 18 oz. plastic jar. It is exceptionally tasty, has dozens of uses, and is much lower in sodium than packaged salad dressings (75mg per serving).

If you have trouble locating this in your market, Johnny's hails from Tacoma, and they even have a web page for Online Shopping with tempting titles like "Jamaica Me Crazy Lemon Pepper". There's a listing for Garlic Spread, 3 lbs. for 24.95. Hey, they also have a fascinating page of Recipes!

OK, to make up our dressing, we use the same "Italian Seasons" cruet that has been marketed for decades. If you have the cruet, just add vinegar, water and oil to the indicated marks and then add the Johnny's seasoning. Shake well just before each serving.

Of course you know you can be creative and use your favorite vinegar: tarragon, balsamic, white, malt, or apple cider vinegars, for starters. We use plain Apple Cider vinegar.

If you don't have the cruet, I used a measuring cup to give the listed (appropximate) proportions of each of the 3 liquid ingredients.

Try it and enjoy!







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