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Fried Lumpia


Lumpia( loom'-pee-yah \\ Philippine Style Egg Rolls )

Once you've been introduced to lumpia, you'll always love the memorably crisp texture and delightful flavor more than ordinary egg rolls. Served as a prized finger-food delicacy. Lumpia wrapping can be a fun preparatory activity for the whole family. There is no upper limit on servings per appetite.



Ground Pork
Ground meat, regular

Chopped shrimp
chopped celery leaves
water chestnut, chopped
garlic, onion, salt, ACCENT, ground pepper


Boil pork and meat in very small amount of water.

Lumpia wrapper (buy from Filipino stores or at China Town): Chopped Chorizo de Bilbao (optional, buy at above)
Boil shrimp; when cooked remove shells and chop fine. Set aside.

Cook ground pork and meat until brownish. Set aside.

Sautee in fat garlic, until brownish, onions, ground pork and meat, chopped shrimp, celery leaves, chorizo de Bilbao. Then add salt, pepper and Accent (optional). When cooked add chopped water chestnuts and drain. Cool for a while, then wrap in lumpia wrapper.

And lastly, in a frying pan fry in deep fat the wrapped lumpia. Serve while hot.

- attributed to a Filipino lady at Crocker Bank






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