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Chicken CBearius


This is a delightful original we tossed together on the fly under the expert tutelage of Chef C.Bear. Serves 3.



  • 2 strips bacon
  • 0.8 lbs skinned boneless chicken breast, thin cut (about 5 thin pieces)
  • 1 can mushroom soup, condensed
  • 1 small can mushrooms, drained
  • flour



This entree is quick and easy to prepare. There are only 3 basic steps.

1. Fry bacon. Cut strips into halves (so you have four short pieces), fry a little on the crisp side in a 12" skillet. Set aside. There will be just a small amount of bacon drippings left. Leave it in the pan.

2. Fry chicken. Roll about five pieces (or enough to fill the pan) to coat each piece evenly with flour. Pan fry lightly in leftover bacon drippings at medium heat, low enough to avoid smoking, until the flour is a light golden brown. Turn once or twice until done. If the chicken is thin, this will take no more than 10 minutes.

3. Bake lightly. Drop chicken in a lightly greased or oiled casserole dish. Add drained mushrooms. Add fried bacon short strips. Over this, spoon out CONDENSED mushroom soup (do NOT add milk or water). Do not stir.

This is NOT a casserole. You only want to heat the cooked ingredients and lightly brown the soup topping. Bake uncovered at 325 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. The thick condensed soup will level and flow somewhat; that is enough. Do not stir. Cover only to prevent moisture loss after browning, and while waiting to be served.

This is a particularly aromatic dish. Folks will be asking how much longer until dinner is served. Tell them "in three minutes".

Serve 1-2 pieces of chicken on each plate. An extra dollop of the soup mix on top of buttered rice on the side adds a delightful touch. Enjoy!






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