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Brookies Paprikash


Serves: 2
Est. preparation time: 30 min
Est. cooking time: 30 min
Recipe provided by: Dave Norton



6 to 8 9-10" trout
4 whole small white potatoes
corn meal
1 garlic clove
6-8 fresh wild green onions
salt, pepper, paprika


Of this fishing trip, Dave wrote:

Wednesday we found that just about half a mile upstream the river made an S-bend through a wide meadow, leaving undercut banks lush with protective vegetation, and a channel about 10 feet deep. Really. The drill was to snoop and poop through the tall grass to within a few feet of the edge, and drop in a fly / chuck out a spinner (depending on whether you are me or Ellie). Stealth Fishing! It was almost literally a strike or a fish on every cast. By the end of a half-hour, we were throwing back 9 inchers, nearly twice the size we were keeping for dinner two days before! But wait! Without oil, how are we going to cook these little lovelies? Ellie to the Rescue (again...):

Enter Brookies Paprikash. Start with 6-8 9-10" Brookies, cleaned, rolled in corn meal. Mince 1 garlic clove and 6-8 fresh wild green onions. Prepare a bed on green onion tops slightly larger than the fishes, on aluminum foil large enough to turn over fishes and seal. Sprinkle water liberally over onion bed and place fishes atop. Stuff insides of fishes with onion and garlic bits, and sprinkle remainder over fishes. Salt and pepper to taste, and sprinkle with paprika. Close foil over fishes and seal all around. Place directly on bed of hot coals, and maintain small fire all around fish packet. Place 4 small whole (not wrapped) white potatoes into coals also. Play 30 minutes of Double Solitaire (make sure to let Her win!), take the whole affair out of the coals and Enjoy! Serves two. It was so good we had it four days in a row and decided we preferred it to frying in oil. Good Stuff.

Figure 1: Brookies ready

Figure 2: paprikash preparations (shoes not included)

Figure 3 (below): A sure hit on any camping trip
A culinary hit on any trip






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