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Boiled Swiss Chard


(either a salad or side vegetable dish)
Serves 4 to 6

GIA Cooking Class, Spring 1988 Lesson 1 - Instructor, John LoCoco



(2) bunches young Swiss Chard, (or) the leaves of
(3) large bunches of mature
Swiss Chard - red or green chard.
Olive Oi1, 1 or more tbsp.
fresh lemon juice


If you are using young chard, detach the stems. If you are using mature chard, pull the leaves from the stalks, discarding any white or discolored leaves. Wash in a basin of cold water, changing the water frequently until it shows no trace of soil.

Put the chard in a pan with whatever water clings to the leaves. Add 1 tsp. salt, cover, and cook over medium heat until tender, about 15 to 18 minutes from the time the liquid starts to bubble.

Drain in a pasta colander and gently press some of the water out of the chard with the back of a fork. Place in a bowl.

Serve cool (not refrigerated) or lukewarm, seasoning with salt, oil and lemon only when ready to serve.

Editor's note: Chard belongs to that larger class of vegetables known as "school cafeteria foods many will never eat again."

If you take any delicious, tender, delightful vegetable, and render it down into a stinky gelatinous mess by overboiling, no wonder so many people "don't like" brussels sprouts, spinach, chard, or cabbage! Win back "lost causes" with the wonderful aroma, texture and flavor of these vegetables when cooked properly, or even slightly underdone!






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