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Yosemite Falls
by Dave Norton



Yosemite Falls

There is power here, and majesty

Beauty, yes, but so much more beauty than words can hold or memory contain.

The very earth rumbles under the constant onslaught of a ton of water each second.

The sound is an omnipresent roar, ever-present but ever changing...

a distillation of the first distant crack of forked lightning
miles up a granite gorge,

          bouncing and bounding back and forth in an increasing crescendo toward the final ba-BOOM

                    and tapering off into the distance...

     Or as I would imagine might be heard inside the curl in 20-foot surf in Hawaii,

          a crashing thunder rolling toward a beach that never comes.

The falling water cascades into wispy nets of angel's hair, curling outward only to be sucked inward to rejoin the plummeting stream once again,

     as I must too soon rejoin the stream of the "real" world...

My Lord speaks to me here, in a voice unmistakably clear.

     My vision of Him is undimmed by time,

          through eyes suddenly wiped clean of age and

Man's highest and noblest efforts so quickly lose their sheen and newness,

     but the awesome wonder of His creation lives,



                    and inspires,

                         on and on...

by Dave Norton, ©1990


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