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Haypress Creek


Even as first we see this will really come true,
Our special stirring, exciting untamed surging beat,
Your quickening certainty, pretty neat to say hello to you
With every music of life's blood's pounding tempo to meet
Laughter, smiles, remembrance, flashing white teeth, and too,
We loved, touched and knew, some day we'd miss each other.
And you?

Into our mountain pool I dive, all guardedness to expunge.
Into your clear passionate eyes my whole soul does plunge,
Whooping with cold splashes of naked shock and wonder at it all
As you see me, I see us, you and I both in free-fall,
As I see, you see me for the first time, and you
Spiral, as we know now, by this pool, what we'll do.

Holding this moment of shock, this shuddered surprise
As we fathom our design through each others' eyes,
I hold you, flashing fusion, suspended in time
Our first touch, caress, this semi-casual kiss
Sputters, catches, flares in global electric rhyme;
Red-blue-white fireworks yesterday, tomorrow night's skies.

Pushing, kicking, breaking back to surface I gasp for air
I swim to sun warmed rocks though you'll not be there
To hold hands in laughter, nor journey together,
No crystalline pool sparkles now, then, nor whether
Cold water runs swift on bedrock - great memories, so rare.

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© Alex Forbes 3/18/90



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