They say the foundations of science and religion are separate and incompatible domains, and must always be. Whoever or whatever our Creator, that’s a postulate of mankind, not of the universe’s making. Astrophysics is again grappling with the question: how can you create something out of nothing? Does the proposed new “No Big Bang” model mean we might again have to come to grips with the ancient theological notion of endless cycles of creation and destruction, reincarnation of the universe as it were? Our brief contemplations in … Astronomy.

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TREE REFLECTION by Richard Wanderman

See image posting in PHOTOS. thumbnail, featured imageTREE REFLECTION by my friend Richard, on Flickr. Fujifilm X100T, January 13, 2015, Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California. Richard says, “The garden was loaded with cormorants today, more than I’ve ever seen before and many other birds. Never got a shot at any and just as we were leaving I saw a nice tree reflection in a shaded pool…”

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Bird Feeder

BIRD FEEDER: Heavy rains coming. Took the feeder off the top of the porch table and put it underneath, providing a “roof” to keep the feeder and seed dry. The little birds figured it out in a couple of hours. The big birds never figured out how to get seed out of the little feeder slots, but the little birds are messy eaters, so the big birds got fat on the spillage. Today, I watched a puzzled big bird, perched on the rim of the bottom tray that holds the spilled seed. He was staring right at the relocated feeder. He couldn’t figure out what had happened. “DUUHHH, where did the food go, George, where did it go?”

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Server Reboot February 9

Our host advises it will be performing a server update and reboot next Monday, sometime after 10PM Pacific Standard Time, lasting about one-half hour.

“This maintenance window will occur on Monday, Feb 9 between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. MST. It is estimated that the maintenance will take no more than 30 minutes.”

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A Boy Named Hoshi

As told by a friend. Original source unknown.

There was a high school teacher who, every day before class started, would repeat some famous quote from American history. Whichever student could identify the source got extra credit.  One day, the teacher said, “Four-score and seven years ago…”

No one in the class reacted.  Then, a little Japanese boy, the son of immigrants, raised his hand, “Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Pennsylvania, 1864.”

The teacher said, That’s right, Hoshi, but then she looked back through her records and saw that Hoshi had answered most of the questions for quite some time.  So, she decided to give the rest of the class a try with a second quote, “I have a dream…”

Nobody reacted.  Finally, in frustration the teacher asked, “Do you know, Hoshi?”

He replied, “Martin Luther King Jr. Washington DC, 1963.”

The teacher said, “That’s right.  The rest of you should be ashamed of yourself that a Japanese kid who is new to the US should know more American history than you do!”

A smartass in the back yelled, “Fuck the Japanese!”

Hoshi replied, “Lee Iacocca, Detroit Michigan, 1981.”

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