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In recent years, legitimate comments have become rarer than hen’s teeth. This site has been targeted by spam comment gibberish and potentially malevolent links. Sad, but I’m tired of trashing them.

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“All Men Are Created Equal”

In 1776. Our founders declared: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Regardless of modern “Originalist” interpretation of intent, our founding documents hold that these rights apply to ALL.

Four score and seven years later, Lincoln said “our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

Today, our Constitution defines legal mandates affirming and clarifying these rights of all Americans.

“All” means everything or everyone.

So today, what part of “ALL” don’t we understand?

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On Helping the Poor

Some years ago, a good friend commented, “I don’t have anything against helping the poor as long as I don’t have to pay for it.”

I replied: “You already do. Your taxes help pay for it, through education, job training, Social Security and Medicare, and equal rights – for all.

“Whether or not one approves of ‘helping the poor,’ it brings more so-called ‘marginal workers into the mainstream economy for the first time. When we actually talk to so-called ‘welfare cheats,’ most will readily admit they’d be much happier if they could get a real job.

“Helping the poor isn’t just being nice to others. It’s good for business. It’s good for the economy. It reduces taxes and zero-rate-of-return drains on the economy. It improves national productivity and competitiveness, and boosts profits and the national happiness index   It’s a great investment.” My friend had no answer for that. “Socialism?” By that definition, Social Security, VA benefits, and Medicare are all “socialist.” They boost society and national security. Just think about that for a minute!

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C.Bear In The Land Of Nokandu

PUBLISHED July 10, 2020: “C.Bear In The Land Of Nokandu.” May take 72 hours to become available under “Alexander Lamont Forbes” – Amazon Kindle eBooks. Advent-ire and learning, kids and adults. My fourth book!

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C.Bear’s Gang

C.BEAR’S GANG published 10-31-2019. All-new stories,e-book on Amazon now. Kindle Select.…
ISBN 978-0-9989751-3-9

Welcome to the third book in our C.Bear adventure series. All-new stories. Adventure, learning, huor, lessons, and just plain silliness. Written on different levels for kids and adults alike. Most stories can be read in a single sitting, even aloud to younger fans. We’re also planning a fourth book of the Bears’ adventures for 2020.

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C.BEAR’S WORLD, Second Edition

PUBLISHED for Amazon Kindle:

Abstract: This
is our Second Edition, published for Kindle. These “Bear” short stories
were written for both kids and adults, on different and often
overlapping levels. We find science, serious moments, and especially the
Just plain-fun silliness that Bears enjoy the most. They are written so
that it can be fun to read them aloud. Youngsters, like Bears, are
prone to interrupt to ask what a word or passage means, and making a
book interactive is part of that fun in reading aloud.

C.Brats World 2d Ed. Amazon

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The Mysteriously Unsuccessful Boy,” Second Edition, is now available for the Amazon Kindle reader for Mac, PC and Android desktop, tablets, portables and mobile devices. LINK

The Mysteriously Unsuccessful Boy is an autobiographical adventure of just one life: the author’s. It is written for inquisitive adult and young adult readers. We can all find a story weaving together related threads of adventure, avoidance, evasion, overcoming obstacles and finding happiness. This is also a story of exploration, of both the world we live in, and of the world of the mind. What happens when we discover that what we think determines what we do.


What can possibly come after motorcycles, backpacking, general
aviation, astronomy, programming, music and reading, rock climbing, camping and
whitewater rafting? Using the same forensic tools as a good detective mystery,
we’ll look inside the box.

At some point, we ask: are ideas just tools for better
understanding what the others think? Learning the hard way is better
than never learning at all. The excitement of exploring nature and peering at
outer space through telescopes awaits the biggest challenge of all: exploring inner
and building a new life from what we discover.

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The Mysteriously Unsuccessful Boy

PUBLISHED: After nine years, “The Mysteriously Unsuccessful Boy” is available on the apple Books store. (The Kindle project is next).


“This book, over eight years in the making, is that story of adventure, mistakes and building a real life. I learned a lot about myself just in writing it, and I enjoyed the journey. I hope you too enjoy it and find real value in the tale of my journey as well.”

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Community to Trump: reports “Jewish leaders tell Trump “He’s not welcome in Pittsburg until he denounces white nationalism.”

“Our Jewish community is not the only group you have targeted,” the group wrote. “You have also deliberately undermined the safety of people of color, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities. Yesterday’s massacre is not the first act of terror you incited against a minority group in our country.”

I do not think all who voted for Trump consciously voted or wished for evil, but actions have consequences, and many of those consequences have already been very horrible.

The Yuppies tried to “tear down the system” in the sixties, and they did divide America for a while, but look how well that worked in the end. Now it is time once again for us to deal decisively with folks who insist “my way or the highway.” This time, it has been worse. This time, repression of “target groups” of citizens, denial of basic rights, deliberate sowing of hatred, and domestic terrorism.

Time for a change. Our country’s founders enumerated basic rights into our Constitution. It is time we elect representatives who live up to that promise. It is not enough to talk about reuniting a badly split nation. We need to do something about it, and the Founders also conveniently provided the mechanism to do it:


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Thanks and Updates

What, I haven’t posted here since January? I’m composing this offline in 24-point bold. I’ve had a serious vision issue since last August. It wasn’t correctly diagnosed until October. We have almost eliminated the main issue, and then we can talk about vision changes, cataract surgery and and new eyeglasses. Still, I’ve been inattentive to when I could at least have posted some of those little “card” quips I share o Facebook.

My real social world is on Facebook, where, with visual aids and text-to-speech, it’s all too easy to read and share information and personal life with friends all over the country. Many years ago here on, I tried several :Chat” and comment plug-ins for WordPress which all proved vulnerable to hackers and spammers. Keeping up with the swarm of daily deletes , for the sake of the few legitimate posters, proved too high-maintenance. I ditched the experiment completely.

I do still use the built-in “comment” system. It queues all posts for an administrative approval, and that’s me. I’d like here to thank the legitimate folks who leave helpful comments and information, wondering whether their comment will ever post and if someone will think to reply and thank them.

I have a lot of legacy content on my site, plan to add new content, and to keep online for a long time to come.



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“Hey, I’m Clark”

… A clever ad I heard on Pandora. Who has never had a shopping experience like this?”

Hey, I’m Clark. I work at the drugstore, and I hate my job. Everyone’s asking me these annoying questions, like will this soap dry my skin, can you unlock the razor case, will you please ring me up? I’m not like a soap padding ring-up key-master wizard OK? Just buy all your bathroom stuff at Dollar Shave dot com. They’ll deliver all your bathroom stuff so you don’t have to come in and bother me while I’m texting my girlfriend’s friend.”

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What Liberals and Conservatives Need to Learn

Interesting New York Times article: Liberals Need to Take Their Fingers Out of Their Ears. I thought about it and write this:

We should not apologize for defending “absolutely unfettered freedom and diversity; acceptance and promotion of multiculturalism; allowing retention of separate identities; maintenance of separate communities, lifestyles and values; permitting open criticism of leaders, authorities and institutions; unrestrained free expression (of what many will consider offensive/outrageous/unacceptable ideas); strict prohibitions on government intervention in ‘private’ moral choices.”

Equal rights for everybody may be offensive to some, but we should not apologize for defending Constitutional guarantees. Red States may not realize it, but they comprise a large percentage of our neglected and scorned minorities, who live from generation to generation with no realistic opportunities for hope.

The DNC and we – its constituency – should not focus on civic harping. We need to show how the values we defend and promote apply to everyone, not “just” persecuted minorities and inner city poor. The problems faced by the “less densely populated” rural areas are very REAL, and they are not just a rural problem or a Red State problem, they are a national problem. Poverty and neglect are not defined by population density, they are defined by education, jobs, a living wage, a path to a better standard of living – and hope for all of those values.

The Right will get nowhere in trying to deny rights, and the Left will get nowhere trying to pretend that the poor and uneducated who voted Republican created their own problems. The current GOP, which bears little or no resemblance to the old Big Tent party, has no solution for either inner city or rural poor other than continued expansion of a permanent underclass. We need to provide those solutions – for all.


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After ‘The Wall’

In the next Administration, we can set up grandstands on both sides of the border at a safe distance, spacing dynamite charges every 25 yards or so along the whole border. Naturally worldwide TV and cable networks will be invited too, because this won’t be “fake news.” Then, after the all-clear sirens, similar to computer controlled fireworks displays, we can detonate the charges all the way down the line to the timed beat of “Shave and a hair cut, Bay Rum.”

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C.Bear’s World – PUBLISHED!

“C.Bear’s NEW Story” appended to my book and uploaded as an Update over the weekend as promised. Readers who previously purchased our book can download the free Update via iBooks! Hey, we have our own cat now, too! – C.Bear, June 24

Alex has written a bunch of stories about us, mostly without askin’ us. After years and years on the web, they’re published on the Apple iBooks Store. He promises he will finish “C.Bear’s New Story” and upload Edition 2 as a free update to your book (epub) soon!

You can click this link to my book on Apple’s iBooks Store, where you can download a free (abridged) Sample of my book, or buy the whole thing for a whopping $1.99!

You can still find all my stories listed and linked on the web on our Writing Page sidebar. But we find they are easier to read in bed, all in one place and one book, on our tablet!

C.Bear’s World

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Earth Day

The planet doesn’t care whether we’re rich, poor, run a global conglomerate or a septic service, are conservative, liberal or other. In fact, the planet doesn’t care at all.

It’s all up to all of us. Living together is not always easy, but human life itself should be everyone’s priority.

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The Axiom of Political Promises

It is quite right to be distrustful of any politician who promises to gut programs designed to support and foster health, education and the general welfare, and it is quite unwise to trust that same politician who also promises what, on the surface, sounded like a good deal benefiting us personally.

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