Bob Sibley

in memoriam 1945-2005


You are standing on a beach. Wet sand ripples between your toes as a wave slides back into the Pacific. You are facing the ocean - calm, serene and peaceful. A warm soft breeze caresses your cheek gently and blows through your hair. Sandpipers run in the shallow water. Gulls wheel in the sky. The gulls' gentle call beckons. The sun is smiling on us now. May your gentle soul and kind spirit rest in peace.


Our Bob passed away peacefully in his sleep, in the early hours of the morning, Sunday, November 6, 2005, at Valley Pointe rest home in Castro Valley. Bob was a wonderful, wonderful person and dear to our hearts. All those of us who knew him will keep that memory alive, as a part of him lives on in us forever. During his long struggle with cancer and its complications he continued to bring sunshine into our lives.

And now our Bob is at peace. The goodness that he brought to our lives will live on forever.

Bob was born and raised in San Mateo, California. He attended local schools, and Willamette University in Oregon. He worked for SunGard Shareholder Systems (former Applied Financial Services) for over 25 years. He made many enduring friendships over the years. Co-workers, contacts with former clients, and our many personal friends and family shared so many wonderful memories over all those years.

Bob and his permanent partner Alex met on October 17, 1990, and they counted their anniversary from that date - fifteen of the most wonderful and peaceful years of their lives. They both worked at SunGard. Bob's second home in Phoenix, Arizona became their retirement dream, and they worked together from the beginning to make that dream come true. The dream will live on.

Bob enjoyed flowers, gardening, travel, television, and the magic of the Lottery numbers. He twice traveled to Moscow on company business. Bob and Alex have shared travel to Maine, Virginia, Hawaii, and of course hundreds of flights to Phoenix, to name a few locations. America West employees mostly knew Bob by name.

Bob's love of stuffed teddies was rekindled in a 1993 surgery, with a gift of a special bear named "T.Bear". T.Bear became the healer bear, our "hospital bear" a powerful symbol of the strength of our household working together in illness and health, work and vacation, and in recreation and dreams. This bear was joined by an even older bear, the "C.Bear" (now of fame and legend). The tradition was born, and the bear clan grew over the next twelve years, in both California and Arizona locations, to 151 in number. The Bears have their own web page, and 17 posted "Bear Stories" are read by C.Bear's fans world wide.

Bob asked after all our friends up until the very end, and remembered all of you. Thank you all so very much for your kindness. May Bobís gentle soul and kind spirit rest in peace.




Rocky and Fluffy forever.

Donations to the American Cancer Society may be made online, or by mail or phone, in memory of Robert E. Sibley.