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We have a really nice Valentine’s flower from Swan in PHOTO Notes. It looks like a Christmas Cactus to me, but the bloom is most appropriate for remembering somebody special on Saint Valentine’s Day.

Also in PHOTO Notes, I posted a couple of shots of my own with my new Nikon D70s model digital camera.

In Writing, I added our first-ever book review. If you’re a fan of the John D. MacDonald Travis McGee series, or ever were, your take on the series might be different than mine, but you’ll agree they’re addictive. For those of you looking for a different serial thriller engagement, if you’ve never read Travis McGee, my review postulates that you may find yourself of sufficiently strong constitution to read more than one of this captivating series – or maybe even all of them.

Lastly, I see that release 2.01 of WordPress is out. And you know what that means. Over the next few days, we’ll probably see all the last-modified file dates being updated to “today” in all seven WordPress depertments. If the weather remains cloudy on my Phoenix vacation, what better way to spend an afternoon than site maintenance?

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WordPress Workaround

Revised as we speak: We noted earlier that the WordPress files seemed to be updating themselves daily, looking like I am much more diligent than I really am. I made a fix to how we report changes, so that the date reported really should equal the date of the last post. (The only exception should be when all the files are updated due to mass version changes and the like, as happened last week).

The new script is somewhat experimental. Please let me know if you notice script errors or other problems. As our programmers say at my place of work, “it should work”. 🙂

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WordPress 2.0 Updates files daily

Well, I’m really happy with the new WordPress 2.0 (speaking as the administrator and chief cook and bottle washer) – but, I do note an odd behavior of the new WordPress application.

WordPress updates itself daily whether I post or not.

Since our front page’s AT A GLANCE feature is programmed to show you what’s new based on the “last modified date” on which we report a tracked file, it looks to the user like I post at least once a day, without fail, in each of the seven WordPress departments.

You regulars know nothing could be further from the truth.

It will take me awhile to make the time to figure out which file is being automatically updated, and why, and what I can do about it. Please take the dates with a grain of salt for a while, and thanks for your patience …

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WordPress Upgrades 2.0!

UPDATED: We’re upgrading our WordPress installations from release 1.5.2 to 2.0. At first, you won’t likely see visible changes, as we’re retaining our current custom theme. The main changes are under the hood.

The (7) current WordPress “Departments” affected are listed below. You may see “AT A GLANCE” files date displays re-set to today, on the main home index page, as we update each department. We’ll proceed alphabetically, as we get time. “Astronomy” has been completed this evening.

  • Astronomy DONE 1-17
  • Commentary DONE 1-17
  • Computers DONE 1-17
  • La Parola DONE 1-17
  • My Notes DONE 1-18
  • Photo Notes DONE 1-17
  • What’s New DONE 1-18
  • All upgrades completed 1-18-2006, and seem to be working fine!

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    Revised Department Indexes

    We had to get rid of the cool CoolMenus javascript blue navigation bar on the top of the Astronomy, Commentary, Computers, and La Parola department index pages. Now you get a blue button that generates a department menu on a separate page.

    We also got rid of the “frameset” architecture on these pages. Now you get a single, simple one-piece page, like this one.

    To see a list of all the articles ever written in a department, go to one of those departments. You’ll find a new blue button to click on the right margin menu, for example, “Index Computers”. This replaces the old left-margin index.

    To navigate to other departments in, or to the Summitlake home page, click one of the links on the single right-gand menu.

    Too many menus + framesets + WordPress main page = display problems. Sometimes simpler is still better. These pages should now display properly on any browser or platform. Please let us know if you find any questions or problems.

    For the technically curious, the old architecture worked fine on older pages which didn’t have a WordPress .php page as the main frame body. A surviving example is Writing, where we haven’t reconfigured for WordPress. Adding the php on top of all of the other old architecture created serious graphics artifacts when the user scrolled down the page. So, the complicated architecture had to go!

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    More WP Updates

    Gosh, we’ve done more housekeeping on ALL WordPress folders, so their file dates will be today. But don’t let that stop you from looking at Commentary and PHOTO Notes, where you’ll find new postings for today!

    In Commentary, we discuss fake celebrity quotes — in this case, a reactionary diatribe attributed to Andy Rooney, still making the email circuit after two years, which goes way over the line (it’s a fake).

    In PHOTO Notes, Swan has sent us a nice new closeup of a cactus bloom. If you haven’t been checking these out because you don’t think cacti are exciting, wait until you see the vivid colors Swan has captured for us.

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    WordPress Upgrades

    The main index page shows last-modified dates of 7/3/2005 on all six WordPress departments: My Notes, Commentary, Computers, La Parola, PHOTO Notes, and What’s New.

    That’s only because we did version upgrades. The site maintenance uploads show today’s date, indicating that files in those directories were updated today.

    So, AT A GLANCE won’t necessarily tell us which departments have new content. We have new or recent posts in My Notes, Commentary, La Parola, and PHOTO NOTES. Not to mention, this post in “What’s New”. Have a safe & sane 4th of July!


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    WordPress 1.5.1 Upgrade

    We upgraded all Summitlake WP installations to version 1.5.1 today. You should see no difference.

    Since the files dates all changed to today’s date as a result of these uploads, this unavoidably resets the “last changed dates” on all the home page “AT A GLANCE” listings for WP: What’s New, My Notes, PHOTO Notes, Commentary, Computers and La Parola.

    The website host server move earlier set almost all file dates to 5/11/2005, further confusing efforts to track what’s new by detecting the file last changed dates. 🙂

    So as to not mislead you into a wild goose chase searching for new content, we have actually posted recent updates (in the last week) to What’s New and PHOTO Notes.

    Of course, we can always do it the fun, old-fashioned way: we can come here to “What’s New” to find out all about the most recent site postings.

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    Site Updates

  • Recently we’ve upgraded a number of site engines under the hood, including PhP and MySQL. You won’t see that, but you should see snappier response from our “blog” engine, WordPress, which we use to power the Commentary and Computers index pages, and PHOTO Notes, and our own quasi-weblog, My Notes. Tonight we upgraded all four of these departments to WordPress 1.5, which features a better firewall and comment control. You can visit any of these pages in the same old way (the blue menu above is the easiest). You won’t see much visibly different, but we will gradually be turning Comments back on to see how it goes. You will have to register to enter your first comment, and then it will be queued for moderation. If approved, we’ll try to have first time comments posted within 24 hours. After that, no further moderation should be required.
  • For over a half a year at, most of our new posts now appear directly in our WordPress weblog format pages: My Notes and Photo Notes, in particular. Another way to see what’s new is to just go to the main index page. Look at the most recent post dates for each of our major departments.
  • We have a new story in Writing for any of you who are “Bear” fans. See C.Bear’s Universe for the very latest in Bear thoughts on life and leisure.
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