Michael D. Higgins Video

Must-see. Michael D. Higgins is the President of Ireland. His comments on the United States political climate, respect for President Obama, and criticism of Tea Party dialectic is better than anything I ever heard in the United States. Invigorating, humorous at times, and devastatingly to the point. Embedded YouTube video.

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David Brooks on Republicans at Disney World

Watch Shields, Brooks on Iowa Debate, ‘Rattling Sabers’ Over Iran, Iraq War’s Legacy on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

If you didn’t catch the remarks of David Brooks on PBS NewsHour on December 16, or again on Charlie Rose last night, it’s in the embedded PBS news clip, and I excerpted the transcript below:

What’s been interesting to me is the structure of the whole thing. The Democrats want to give the Republicans a tax break — tax cuts for the American people, and the Republicans are saying, no, no. We want more.

It’s a bit like a parent going to a kid and saying, we’re going to take you to Disney World. And the kids say, we will agree to go to Disney World if you give us an Xbox and an iPhone. And the parents say, no, but you will love Disney World. Give us the Xbox. And then they say, okay, we will give you the Xbox and Disney World.

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PBS NewsHour: Book Tells How Iconic Civil Rights Era Photo Changed Lives of 2 Women

As Judy Woodruff said by way of introduction to this clip, “Sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words … but sometimes, one picture can change lives.” The story of how one iconic civil rights era photograph changed the lives of two women is the subject of David Margolick’s new book, “Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock.” Ray Suarez and the Vanity Fair editor discuss the not-yet-finished story.(Interview by Ray Suarez, embedded video clip 8:54)

Watch Book Tells How Iconic Civil Rights Era Photo Changed Lives of 2 Women on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

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