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Why did Obama let this happen, and other questions on Ukraine

  1. Why did U.S. President Barack Obama let this happen?That’s the question everyone in Washington, DC is asking. It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask—if you are incapable of seeing beyond the very dark hole into which you’ve placed your entire head.

A clever (and tongue in cheek) 6-point review of the Ukraine situation. From the Daily KOS. George W. Bush, out of Ukraine NOW!

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Schrödinger’s Cat, 2012

The New York Times had an amusing op-ed piece “A Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney,” by David Javerbaum. Mitt Romney is compared under several different tenets of Quantum Physics, in which Romney can simultaneously be both a moderate and a conservative, or, in the Feynman diagram, in which a Romney and anti-Romney collide and annihilate each other.

I was quite surprised the author didn’t also nail down the famously skeptical Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment, in which we are asked to ponder a celebrated cat that might indeed be either dead or alive, depending on the outcome of a random event.

Wikipedia notes that “Schrödinger did not wish to promote the idea of dead-and-alive cats as a serious possibility,” but, more than 75 years later, the evidence is now tangible, dragged in not by the cat, but by politicians.

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