End of Space Shuttle Era

It’s the end of a glamorous and inspiring era, all right. As the last Shuttles are piggybacked to final repose in public museums and display monuments, there’s been much talk-TV hand-wringing from all ends of the political spectrum. Many of us wistfully wish that the Shuttle could have been deployed longer, that a re-usable NASA solution could have been deployed before the old one was retired, and that we hadn’t scrubbed the next BIG frontier – a manned Mars mission.

There will be time for this. Look at how much we’ve accomplished – and discovered – since Apollo 11. The simple truth: we already spent that money. It’s estimated that our total war cost in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan will cap out at over $3.7 trillion. [Reuters]

Click the above image for NASA’s choice of full-size images of this scene.

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