Supreme Court: Same-Sex Marriage a Right

I never thought I’d live long enough to see this hoped-for day. Congratulations to all American couples who finally won legal recognition for a universally cherished legal and moral right. has argued for same-sex equality from 1995 until the recent time where we were just one more small voice in a national “yea” for equality for all.

Not to quibble excessively about something we’d looked forward to for half a century, but there was something disturbing about the 5-4 split on the court.

As reported in the New York Times analysis:

Chief Justice Roberts wrote. “Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it.”

We’re left with a stronger impression that marriage – any marriage, heterosexual or same-sex – is deemed a privilege granted by the States, not a right. We urge fellow Americans to consider that if a “right” can be imperially granted, a broad swath of individual rights not explicitly enumerated in our great Constitution may be deemed “privilege” that can be taken away. We (all Americans) must defeat the notion that rights can be compromised under the uncertainty and inequity of popular or regional votes.

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Same-Sex Marriage a Right - SCOTUS

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Arizona’s New Anti-Gay Bill

My cousin wrote me today expressing shock at the Arizona legislature’s passage of a blatantly rabid anti-gay bill. The bill has not been signed by the Governor, and it is not yet law. The bill would allow business owners asserting their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays and others.

If somehow you missed it, you can read about the legislation any most anywhere. But here is The New York Times link.

I wrote back to my cousin:

Thanks for your support! AZ Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a similar bill a few years back, and I suspect she’ll veto this one. I understand there are already a very few anticipatory signs up in shop windows. There are so many places to eat and shop in big cities like Phoenix that a merchant with such a sign is just advertising, “we aren’t much interested in staying in business” or maybe even “I hate my plate glass window.” In small towns, and AZ has lots of those, there is bigger potential for harm and hurtfulness.

In the Phoenix Metro area (and in Tucson) there are large Democratic and moderate Republican populations and they are pretty good places for everyone to live. As for the bill itself, if actually passed into law, I think it would be struck down in the higher courts. That is not to say it isn’t dangerous, but that mindset belongs to a shrinking and discredited minority.”

And here, from the New York Daily News, is what one Tucson businessman did in response to the bill: “Arizona pizzeria’s amazing response to state’s anti-gay bill.”


This post is also published in La Parola, our gay issues department.

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December 2008

We’ve posted a lot of new site activity since the last What’s New post. Today we also completed a major version upgrade of WordPress, to all WP departments, version 2.7. This updated the “last modified” date in “At A Glance” of all the WP departments to today, December 13. What’s really new:

  • A major new series in Commentary on the financial crisis. In a nutshell, we’re uncovering the identity of that “hole” in free market economic theory which Alan Greenspan announced to Congress he’d found.
  • A couple of “short shorts” In Computers & Technology
  • US Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson announces that fundamental rights “may not be subjected to vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections” – in 1943. La Parola.
  • Over a dozen new photos in Photo Notes – including many  that make spectacular desktop images on your PC.
  • Observations on pocket combs, Camembert cheese and the durable power of classical music, in My Notes

Lastly, our best Season’s Greetings to all of you, and thanks for your support in 2008!


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Summer 2008

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Swan is still sending his delightful photo compositions in Photo Notes. I have a few new photos there too, including a couple of Washington state’s celebrated Mt. St. Helens. Fred Leeds has posted 10 more chapters as he wraps up Mutual I, in Writing. Oddly, I haven’t posted anything in my own My Notes since June – much of what I’m writing relates to what I’m reading, so that has all been going into Writing Notes instead.

Our index page counter seems to be stuck on 1,780,738 site visits (Feb 7). There is always something new to maintain on the site. We’ll do our best to keep those articles coming too. Cheers!

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What’s Recent

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    Multiple Fractures

    Our ever so sincere apologies for the irreverent heading! We have multiple listings to post today.

    La Parola: in LP Out-Takes, we posted two new Snappy Observations on gay marriage:

  • March 23, 2004 – Black clergy members oppose same-sex marriage
  • March 21, 2004 – “How’s It Playing In Peoria?”
  • Humor: I’m not sure we’ve ever announced the posting of a joke in What’s New before. You’ll want to go to our Humor Index page, and in the left-hand scrolling menu select “Bricklayer’s Story”. We’re recommending you do it right now. It’s the best laugh we’ve had all year.

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