Summer 2008

Well, my goodness, we don’t usually fall behind this far in updating What’s New. For Summitlake news and new articles across all our “departments”, we do rely on “At a Glance – Last Modified” on our home index page. We hope you do too.

We have new articles this summer in Commentary, Computers, La Parola, Miscellany, and Writing Notes. I’m mining all this from “At A Glance”. The menus in those departments show all the most recent postings.

Swan is still sending his delightful photo compositions in Photo Notes. I have a few new photos there too, including a couple of Washington state’s celebrated Mt. St. Helens. Fred Leeds has posted 10 more chapters as he wraps up Mutual I, in Writing. Oddly, I haven’t posted anything in my own My Notes since June – much of what I’m writing relates to what I’m reading, so that has all been going into Writing Notes instead.

Our index page counter seems to be stuck on 1,780,738 site visits (Feb 7). There is always something new to maintain on the site. We’ll do our best to keep those articles coming too. Cheers!

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New in Writing, My Notes

  • If you haven’t been following it, you should: in WRITING, we’re hosting a serial essay “Mutual I” by guest author Fred Leeds. These chapters aren’t long. If you’ve been following along, you should see why by now. I just posted Fred’s Chapter Five last night, and I’m really looking forward to more installments.
  • That’s What I’m Talking About: in Writing Notes,  I go back to Summitlake’s founding metaphor of The Lake, a place for reflection, but also a thing of beauty in its own right. “This short essay is just to remind us: have fun, but revere the lake. We are part of the local history of the lake, but it is also a part of us, more than most of us take the time to realize.”
  • Letter to Stereophile Magazine: in My Notes, we finally get our licks in on all that political editorialzing on the subject of  … music.

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The Mutual I

Building on his delightful essay “Birthday Year”, Guest Author Fred Leeds has embarked on a thoughful serial essay to explore how we see each other as human beings. New chapters should be added at a rate of about one every other week.

The Mutual I – now in our Writing department.

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“Birthday Year” – New Guest Author

We’re pleased to offer a delightful new short piece, Birthday Year, a creative submission from new Guest Author Fred Leeds.

“Birthday Year” is posted in our WRITING department, and is available now at the link above. We think you’ll agree it speaks of a wonderfully refreshing outlook. Do you see a different take on something that’s there all the time?

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Galleries from Terry White of Thailand

On route to Wat Yan May 2007002.jpg

From our post in PHOTO Notes: We’re delighted to be able to offer two folders of images by Terry White of Thailand from a road trip he took there. Our thanks and gratitude to reader and correspondent Terry for graciously letting us post them.

We’ve posted the Terry White Galleries links page in our regular Photography department, indexed as “Terry White – NEW!” under Friends Gallery.

You can also get to Terry’s page directly.

It’s not often that we can see images of a road tour of Thailand, shot much as you or I might take them. Terry is an excellent photographer and has done some really rewarding work here. Thanks Terry!

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