December 2008

We’ve posted a lot of new site activity since the last What’s New post. Today we also completed a major version upgrade of WordPress, to all WP departments, version 2.7. This updated the “last modified” date in “At A Glance” of all the WP departments to today, December 13. What’s really new:

  • A major new series in Commentary on the financial crisis. In a nutshell, we’re uncovering the identity of that “hole” in free market economic theory which Alan Greenspan announced to Congress he’d found.
  • A couple of “short shorts” In Computers & Technology
  • US Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson announces that fundamental rights “may not be subjected to vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections” – in 1943. La Parola.
  • Over a dozen new photos in Photo Notes – including many  that make spectacular desktop images on your PC.
  • Observations on pocket combs, Camembert cheese and the durable power of classical music, in My Notes

Lastly, our best Season’s Greetings to all of you, and thanks for your support in 2008!


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Friends Gallery

We’ve added two fine new photographs to Friends Gallery, one each from Dave Norton and Swan (David Swanson). Remarkable colors and composition in each!

And, a belated Happy New Year to you, too! Normally, we are right on top of the calendar roll. This year, we started installing a new motherboard and CPU upgrade the day after Christmas. The project took over a week and a second motherboard to complete. Then, Dave and Swan sent their photographs and I found that my newly re-installed FTP application couldn’t upload them to the site.

And so our wonderful website was stuck for almost two whole weeks straight, marooned on WestHost Island without the masterful invisible guiding hand of me, its founder. It did OK without me, too.

In a bizarre troubleshooting process of elimination, we found that the FTP problem turned out to be the fault of an aging router. If there’s any such place as “back to normal again”, it’s nice to be there.

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