Vietnam 1963-1964

At the urging of some friends, I have begun a project to start scanning representative photos from my military tour of duty in Vietnam in 1963-1964. There are two Adobe “galleries” so far. Early photos were taken with a compact 16mm camera, and image quality shows it. Later shots were shot with a 35mm SLR and gallery images will improve as I scan more photos.

These are not war albums. They represent the small scale of view of a 19 year older in an isolated Central Highlands outpost, who occasionally ventured out into the countryside. Countryside scans will come later.

For the full story, see our PHOTO page, and look for the Vietnam 1963 link on the left hand menu. Or, navigate directly to the Ban Me Thuot, Vietnam 1963-1964 page and find the gallery links there.

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Galleries from Terry White of Thailand

On route to Wat Yan May 2007002.jpg

From our post in PHOTO Notes: We’re delighted to be able to offer two folders of images by Terry White of Thailand from a road trip he took there. Our thanks and gratitude to reader and correspondent Terry for graciously letting us post them.

We’ve posted the Terry White Galleries links page in our regular Photography department, indexed as “Terry White – NEW!” under Friends Gallery.

You can also get to Terry’s page directly.

It’s not often that we can see images of a road tour of Thailand, shot much as you or I might take them. Terry is an excellent photographer and has done some really rewarding work here. Thanks Terry!

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Honeysuckle – we posted a current selection of our own to PHOTOS, a close-up of a familiar and colorful garden bloom.

Hawaii: Some of you may have noticed that our “current selection” hadn’t changed since October. Actually, when we posted the October selection from our trip to Kauai, we also posted a slideshow with 30 of our favorite images, Hawaii 2003. If you haven’t seen them, be sure to check this out.

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