We recently updated our PayPal account and donated 10 Euros (about $13.72USD) to Jalbum, makers of that fine freeware photo image slide show and viewer that we use on this site. We’d been intending to do this for a while.

Naturally, we’ve considered the possibility of adding a “Donate” button to our own site. After all, we’ve served about 2.5 million pages since 1995 – essays, commentary, photos, poems, recipes, humor, community resources, and articles of all sorts. Surely, we reasoned, a reader from time to time will take away a sense of enjoyment, look for a “Donate” button, but find none.

If you are such a person, we’ve created a PayPal button for you (bottom of page).

To use PayPal, you need to have a PayPal account. You may already have one. Why might you want to create a PayPal account?

  • Third-party payment never reveals your financial information on online purchases.
  • PayPal provides an easy and widely accepted way to make payments or purchases where the seller does not have credit processing, or you don’t want to use their payment options.
  • PayPal is also accepted by most mainstream merchants and service providers. I note that I can even order my US Air flights to Phoenix using PayPal.
  • You can make worry-free payments or purchases at any site that accepts PayPal.
  • Visit PayPal or their useful Help center for Q&A.

  • "About this Website": Mountain Banner

    Donations to are absolutely voluntary. There are no “suggested” donations – you choose the amount. The transaction itself is handled by PayPal and is invisible to us.

    We deliberately don’t track the costs of operating There’s the domain name, hosting service annual renewal, specialized software, and yes, our own donations to others who offer professional-quality software or services at little or no charge. And we don’t track the hundreds of annual hours for content creation and site upgrades. Sometimes it’s prudent to let things ride and see how they work out.

    We’re in only one “business”: providing lasting, quality content for the world wide web. If you’re already a Charter Booster or guest contributor, please don’t use the PayPal button – that’s a bit like that summer, ever so long ago, when your folks were your first customers at your sidewalk lemonade stand.

    If you’re a visitor passing through, like the hiker I wrote about in About This Website, you liked what you saw, and would probably come again. If you decide to use the PayPal button, I’m surely grateful, but, no matter what you decide, we do appreciate your stop here on the meadow.

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