I posted an article on December 8, Summitlake RSS Feeds, describing the benefits and advantages of RSS. Basically, RSS delivers an excerpt of every new post to your mailbox. You don’t have to go to the website to check if anything’s new. You don’t have to “Register” with the site. When you subscribe, the subscribed site delivers a short description of new articles to you, in real-time.

But I didn’t actually say how to do it.

This page shows you how to add RSS feeds to your own Mac or PC mailbox. Most online news media, online magazines The technique is pretty much the same for any RSS feed. Since the subscription is browser-based, it’s also pretty much the same for Mac, PC or Linux. You can have the subscription delivered to your browser, mail reader, or any application designed to read RSS.

RSS stands for “really simple syndication”. It should be simple, and it is.

If you want to follow along and subscribe to Summitlake HOME page RSS right now, here’s a live RSS link for the Entries (RSS)

At, every post site-wide is announced on our HOME page, so the logical place to subscribe to RSS is right there, as illustrated in the 6 steps below. If you’re only interested, say, in PHOTOS posts, or some other single department, WordPress also has a built-in Entries (RSS) link at the bottom of each page.

Here is how to subscribe to a Summitlake feed to be delivered to the “Mail” app on a Mac, or to MS Outlook on a PC. (None of the images below are “clickable”.)

1. Locate the RSS subscription icon on the website offering the service. The icon design itself is standardized on every site. On the Summitlake HOME page, look in the sidebar (under META) for the Entries RSS link.

2. Click the link on the site’s webpage. This brings up a browser page containing recent RSS posts for the site.

OnĀ  most browsers it looks like this (Mac Safari pictured here):

On a PC’s Firefox browser it looks like this (the RSS part is identical):

3. Select the delivery method in the “Subscribe to this feed using” popup window. You can use your browser, e-mail program or RSS reader. If your mail program isn’t listed, clicking the popup will reveal a “Browse” button to select your app in your Programs or Applications folder. In the pictures above, I browsed to find and select Mac Mail as my RSS reader application. On the PC, Microsoft Office Outlook was already the default choice, the one I wanted.

4. Click the “Subscribe Now” button.

5. The RSS subscription now appears in your mail reader (assuming you selected your mail application as the reader).

Here’s how my RSS subscription appears in my Apple Mail on the Mac:

Here’s how my RSS subscription appears on my PC’s Microsoft Outlook:

6. View announcements from your mailbox. (Sample page below is shrunk down to fit this article). You’re done! Sample below:

RSS Subscriptions are always on a per-machine basis. If you have multiple machines in a household, you’d repeat this procedure for any other machines which you also wanted to be subscribed for RSS delivery.

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