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About Our Material

All content on this site is copyright by Alex Forbes and/or authors as indicated. All rights reserved. This content is not “freeware”. The original, editorial and news writing in this home page is, except as attributed to others, the copyrighted property of its authors, contributors and/or our La Parola newsletter.

Articles, Essays, posts on this site, and other creative content without a byline or other attribution is authored by Alex Forbes. Content created by other contributors is clearly indicated with attribution and copyright date.

Personal Use: You may download content source or text for offline personal or family reading. You may cite or quote excerpts in publications of your own without permission, so long as proper attribution (credit) is given and the material is not used out of context.

The purpose of copyright restrictions is not to restrict your viewing enjoyment, but to allow authors to control distribution and reproduction of their own work. This is what makes it possible for us to make it available for your enjoyment. Just relax and enjoy the content.

Public posting restriction: You may excerpt (but not reproduce in full) fiction and nonfiction clips on private non-revenue sites without permission. This material may not otherwise be reproduced, uploaded, or published in text or electronic form without permission. ©1990-2011. To inquire about any commercial publication or special exceptions please use our Write Us link on any web page to contact us .

About The Material of Others

Our basic policy regarding publishing or republishing the material of others is that we respect copyrights, and will not knowingly take for our own use the intellectual property of others.

Some of the material on this site is the attributed work of others. Where cited, references and excerpts are quoted and/or italicized, and source and authorship credit is prominently supplied. Whenever appropriate, we will supply a URL link to the site where the source material may be found and authenticated.

At our discretion, we also solicit and publish original articles, essays, poems and stories of others. All such material is printed with permission of the author, and the author copyright data and credits are prominently and unambiguously displayed.

Some material, notably found in Jokes and Humor, can rarely be attributed due to the nature of the material and the unfortunate anonymity of popular Internet distribution.

In effect, jokes and humor are generally treated as public domain quotations, whether or not the source can be identified, unless we are aware they are copyrighted, or unless it is brought to our attention that further investigation is needed.

This is a non-profit site, and no material of others posted on this is for sale, or paid for through advertising or other revenues.

If you believe you have identified material on this site that has not been printed with proper permission, or that should (but does not) credit a verifiable source, please bring it to our attention.

Photographic Images

Most of the high-quality digital images on this site are protected.

As with copyrighted text, you are generally free to download them for your viewing enjoyment.

In PHOTOS, you are encouraged to do so. High-quality copyrighted desktop pictures are available for your viewing or download. Digital image content on this site is protected by the same provisions as text content. Please respect authors’ rights, so that we can continue to make this work available for everyone. We do not grant permission to copy images for distribution in chain-forwarded emails, bulk web aggregators or other forms of mass electronic distribution.

The balance of this page concerns material sent to us by others. If you are mainly reading this page for information about content already published on this site, you may safely skip the following sections, and we hope you enjoy your visit to!

Letters and Unsolicited Material

Our basic policy regarding publishing or republishing bona fide letters and unsolicited material is that we require the writer’s consent and go-ahead, when the writer is clearly communicating as a private individual.

Private communications of a personal nature, unless abusive, defamatory, or an egregious violation of ethics and/or the law, are normally considered privileged and confidential. We respect the private writer’s privacy and need to know that a communication will remain privileged and confidential until such time as a mutual agreement might be reached about its publication.

If you post a Comment to a WordPress post, such comments are universally visible public communications.

We reserve the right to publish short excerpts of reader e-mail where the material is in our opinion informational, “non-personal”, non-sensitive and of public interest: for example, how to format your hard drive. In such cases we will give proper credits attribution with initials where available. We may also post such material to a site weblog or forum with the same restrictions. If you are submitting “non-personal” material in this category but still do not want it posted or published, please let us know and we’ll honor your request.

However, with the exception of flagrantly abusive email (see below), we do not publish full names or email addresses unless we have a written request asking us to include this information.

In the case of communications where the writer has contacted us as a representative of a company, corporation, firm, government body or agency or other institution, we reserve the right to decide whether and how the contents might be of interest to readers.

We have a comment spam filter, and use it rigorously. Comments containing links to obviously commercial “hot deals” sites are always deleted without posting. Where comments are allowed on a post, they are always queued, sitewide, for review.

Personal correspondence mailed from a place of work is presumed to be privileged and confidential information, especially if you have already established a history of personal correspondence with us. Corporate communications from an entity with whom we already do business, unless abusive, defamatory, or an egregious violation of ethics and/or the law, is also normally considered privileged and confidential.

If you are writing for the first time from a corporate address, on an issue that could be considered sensitive or personal, please state your intention or send us an inquiry when publication could be a compromising issue for you or your firm.

Exception for abusive content:

“Crank Mail” : from time to time, does post unsolicited crank mail, flames, and similarly offensive “gift” email. Explicitly irrational correspondence that is also abusive or defamatory is an excellent candidate for this treatment. This material is treated like any other “letter to the editor” at newspapers and magazines. Even if we find the material objectionable, if we find it newsworthy, we reserve the right to publish it without further notice.

Manuscripts and Material Submitted For Publication

What you should know when submitting original work to

  1. We are not a publishing house and are not staffed for editing. However, we and our readers do enjoy independent original works on this site.
  2. Read our general approach below. See also Manuscripts in our Writing Department for more specifics.

Our basic policy regarding publishing or republishing original manuscripts and materials that are submitted to us for consideration for publication is that we reserve the right to make all decisions concerning suitability for publication on this site, and we require the writer’s consent and go-ahead before actual publication.

This policy is no different than for other intellectual property. Since we do not pay for content, we anticipate no need for a separate policy on commercial content, which is already “the material of others”.

Readers may feel free to submit content for consideration provided it is in good taste and not abusive, defamatory, or an egregious violation of ethics and/or the law. We consider bona-fide submissions to be the property of the creator, whether or not we accept for publication.

We reserve the right to evaluate the suitability of content, theme, style, and composition. We do not guarantee that we will offer any editing services or specific suggestions for publication. Generally, we will make suitability and acceptance decisions before replying to your submission. This can be negotiated by us, depending on the originality and merit of the work, and its suitability for our readership, in our opinion. Often as not in the past, the request for publication of works of others at has been initiated by us.

Styling, fonts, graphics and markup: we can handle text in most standard formats, but we will generally convert it to WordPress, or Dreamweaver HTML, or PDF formats. There are several coding schemes we do not support, including FrontPage, MS Word exports to HTML, Flash or PHP with embedded code of any kind.

While we occasionally post HTML pages, this site uses the WordPress engine. Chances are, your post would be published as a WordPress post or page, which is a plain-text format with a default font and basic styling options.

If we are interested in a submission, it will probably be because of originality and factual or conceptual content that is likely to strike the interest of our readers. A factor in our evaluation also includes whether submissions will likely be hassle-free for both parties. If you are interested in a submission, thanks for allowing us the opportunity to look at it.


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