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Outages, Glitches and faux pas noted …


If there’s a problem with our host server, or some other user issue we feel users should know about, we attempt to post the problem and the status here so you know what to expect. If we are not monitoring the site at the time, or are prevented from posting an update at the time we become aware of a status change, we’ll post known details as soon as we are able. The site is not monitored 24/7, so outage time could be longer in some cases. Report problems with this site to Write  “Issue” description is only our own best evaluation of the problem description.  Please bookmark this page.

05/20/2013 – 05/25/2013 Server change-over to WestHost 4.0 cPanel As noted in our May 20 HOME page post, DNS change propagation,  and several architectural and code support differences on the new server, all caused intermittent site outages and page load failures. The switchover started May 20 and gradually propagated over the internet. Numerous fixes and workarounds have been applied to individual site pages and utility programs. At this writing (May 25) all known issues have been fixed. We are now posting new content,  and we’ve mostly finished testing old functionality.
03/14/2013 Confirmed by ISP: There were several total site outages today due to a server going down. Service was restored around 5PM MST.
03/11/2013 ticket with host provider status OPEN There were mail outages 3/11-3/13 with complete outage all day 3/13. Mail to would have bounced. Service and mail backlog was restored by the client (me) 3/13 afternoon.
11/22/2011 Confirmed by ISP: There was an unscheduled outage of an hour or less due to a server going down. Service was restored at about 3:35PM PST.
6/14/2008 from our ISP: This is a notification of an important network maintenance scheduled for Saturday, June 14, 2008 from 10:00 p.m. to midnight MDT. The majority of accounts will be unavailable for a brief period. Total downtime will not exceed 10 minutes.
5/11/2005 Server move Our host has notified us they’re moving to a new server. There will be a period of downtime associated with the move. The moves are scheduled to occur May 11th between 9PM MST (7PM Pacific) and 2AM MST (midnight Pacific). This would affect both mail and web service. If your browser gets a 404 Not Found, or your mail is returned undeliverable, just try again the following day. Thanks!
2/13/2005 Site Down We had a 6 hour outage last night as a result of a routine upgrade of some host software. This created a dependency issue which prevented our Apache software from restarting. WestHost corrected the problem, and installed some software called “GNU Compiler Collection”, to prevent this from happening again.
12/1/2004 Server Maintenance Dear WestHost Client, We have scheduled a maintenance window on Thursday, December 2nd, from 1:00 AM MST to 2:30 AM MST. For approximately 15 minutes during this window, your site will be unavailable.
9/7/2003 WH 2.0 upgrade Upgrade appears complete and successful. No page or cgi problems noted so far. You may find alias names in our autolist directories (to icons and such) until we filter them out.
9/3/2003 in process The upgrade did not go smoothly for all clients. Our site has not been converted yet. Our email works. Bookmark this page: if there are problems with the CGI part of the conversion, this page will still work, and we will update it if our FTP still works.
9/1/2003 – 9/2/2003 WestHost server upgrades WestHost is upgrading all clients to WestHost 2.0. Work should be completed by 9/2. At this writing we can’t get our e-mail. The WH online forum indicates that some customers are mad, and tech support is swamped. We’re crossing our fingers.
8/7/2003 Couldn’t locate Summitlake or WestHost dns We couldn’t locate our own site or that of the WestHost provider between the hours of 5 and 6PM Pacific. We could ping our IP address but not domain name. It could be our broadband provider, the hosting provider, or something else. We’d appreciate hearing from you if you experienced any outage.
11/10/2002 No current issues See BugList for fixes and tweaks made by us during transition. Things happened much faster than we expected. We did not have to call or email WestHost for any kind of remedial action. Thanks to WestHost for smooth, rapid behind the scenes support!
11/6/2002 new hosting service at WestHost Things to be aware of:(1) Domain switchover will take 1-2 weeks for the average user to find us at WestHost via “”. This is normal and beyond the control of the host.(2) Directory structures vary slightly at different hosts. Paths from page to page might vary. In particular, server paths from scripts to pages that use them will change. Many automated Summitlake services may not work properly for several days.We’re extremely happy to join WestHost. We’ll post details of progress and glitches as they arise. Thanks for your patience and continued support of

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