Site Upgrades Complete

We’ve completed the changes begun with our July 6 upgrade to WordPress 3.2 and its new ‘twentyeleven’ theme. All departments are on the new theme (except Humor and Recipes, which are rendered in HTML, not WordPress). As noted in the previous post on Tigra menus, you can use the top NAV menu bar to navigate from any department to any other department as before, but the menus are much shorter.

The new theme uses larger 1000×288 pixel header images. To take advantage of the higher resolution of the larger format, most departments have new high-def static header images to show off:

  • Commentary – starlings exchanging information in the community palm fronds
  • Computers – hi-def of a 2006 MSI motherboard upgrade project
  • La Parola – patriotic 1974 Gay Pride photo (print scan)
  • My Notes – hi-def bloom, Mexican Bird of Paradise (Phoenix)
  • Outdoors – reduction of the huge Matterhorn Peak panorama photo
  • Photos –   foliage macro, Honeysuckle (Phoenix)

We upgraded the images in Miscellany and Writing, and added new images to the randomly rotating images used on the HOME page. As always, if you notice any problems with page rendering or navigation, we’d appreciate using the Write Us button to drop us a line. Cheers!


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