Add Link To Facebook

We’ve added a new way for Summitlake readers to share a link to content they like with friends. It uses the familiar Facebook ‘Like’ button. Of course this is only useful to readers who also have Facebook accounts! But today that’s a surprising number of us. Your comments on this new feature are most particularly invited.

These Facebook ‘Like’ links are starting to appear on articles of major content providers. I’ve used the BBC ‘Like’ button several times to post links to articles of interest on my own Facebook page. Today, I found there’s a WordPress plug-in named ‘Add Link to Facebook’, by Marcel Bokhorst. WordPress users interested in more information can find it in a WP-Plugins search.

What happens when you click it? Basically, the same as when you click a BBC or other external ‘Like’ link. You are directed to log into your Facebook home page (unless already logged in) to authorize the link, and from there, it just behaves like any other ‘Like’ button on your Facebook page. (Others whom the user has ‘friended’ will also be able to see your ‘Like’ notation for the FB post, along with any comments added.)

After installing and testing, I’ve activated this plug-in sitewide. This is a HOME page post, so there is no link to a full post elsewhere. This is the full article.


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