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Hi, you’re viewing our new installation of WordPress 3.o (multi-site). Multi-site went online Thursday afternoon, July 29, 2010.

Links to the 10 old site departments should automatically be redirected to the new URL addresses. Read more below.

We’ll keep this announcement “sticky” (top of HOME page) for a week or two.

Our new site is replacing ten different WordPress department installations, with one single “multi-site” installation. This brings a new level of uniformity to our pages, and a new “theme” layout with wider columns and easier-to-read fonts.

Page content is the same. Links to HTML pages have not changed.

If you “bookmark”: the URL addresses to reach individual departments and pages have all changed. All WordPress links are different. For example:

Home page:
Writing page:

Home page:
Writing page:

There’s no forward slash between ‘wp_1’ and the department name string – not our choice! Sidebar and article text links have been updated. The Nav bar has been updated (and is now black/gray).

Redirects: The final part of the switchover was to install server “redirects”. Going to the “old” URL’s is redirected, sending you automatically to new. That means we can no longer reach the “old” pages, even intentionally, so, the old WordPress departments have been retired.

Links: Please report any issues you find with any links we missed in conversion – there are several thousand site-wide.

Cosmetic Issues: we discovered image rendering issues with the new “twentyten” page layout theme. Images that have been resized in html to make them fit the page do not resize, and do not fit the page. Left-justified images which were given a horizontal blank separation space, so as to not crowd into adjoining text, often crowd into adjoining text.

Bookmarks: Any you now use should work transparently with our redirects, but to be safe, please update any and all your WordPress bookmarks.  When you’ve read this article, click the HOME tab on the top black Nav menu bar. That’s your entry point – our new HOME page – please bookmark that now!

Non-WordPress pages end with an extension, such as .html, .shtml, .htm or .php. Again, those pages and addresses have not changed.

Registering: Users (new and old) must register or re-register to submit comments. At long last, registering just once in the HOME department really does make you a subscriber in every department (except La Parola – you can register separately in La Parola, of course).

RSS: You don’t need to register to subscribe to RSS.

Lastly, but most importantly, we hope you enjoy the new site and layout even more than before.


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