This website was originally uploaded to the server, from a Power Macintosh 7100, on October 18, 1995. The appearance, content, client platform and a lot of the methodology have all changed since then. The host server has been changed (or acquired) six times.

We’ve been hosted on the WestHost servers since November 2002. Much of our legacy HTML content has been absorbed into the WordPress databases. The basic concept of this site has always been to feature the original written word on the web, and we’re still committed to that. The following credits, excerpted here, were first posted on November 25, 1995.

Special thanks to my friends at Poor Richard’s (now LDResources) for encouragement and direction … Thanks to Ted Wagner, for egging me on. And most of all, thanks to Bob, who added both his enthusiasm and his patience with this 14-year ongoing project.

A special heartfelt “thanks!” to my friend Al, who has been a pioneering booster and supporter of these pages since the very beginning.

In recent years, support and contributed material from readers and fans have helped mature and broaden its scope. To Al, Dave, Swan and Gary in particular, our thanks and gratitude. To Joe Tranchina, who taught so many of us the thrill of the written word, everlasting thanks for your inspiration and leadership. To all of you who write in or post comments, and those Guest Authors who grace our pages, your extra input helps us focus on our readers.

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